ropetec.jpgROPETEC was formed in 1991, specialising in Rope Access and Accessibility - offering Inspection, Maintenance, Industrial and Civil Solutions as a result of the recognized need for specialised Inspection and Maintenance Services in elevated, almost inaccessible locations.

Our uniquely highly skilled, experienced Maintenance, Inspection and Riding Crews, are able to mobilise with minimal delay, from their various offices around the globe to carry out varied works with the skill and expertise of conventional contractors.The company began trading as Ropetec in 2000 and have offices and associated companies situated around the globe, with the Operations Office located in Cape Town, South Africa.

rope-access.jpgTHE SYSTEM

Rope access has been successfully utilized by many major industries in the UK using highly trained rope access technicians with a wide range of trades and supervision to the highest safety standards. With 15 years onshore and five years offshore experience, the safety record of this highly skilled crafts is enviable, with more than five million offshore hours completed without a single access related incident. Rope access is a specialised means of working in extreme location. It is an efficient, flexible and cost effective systems of access that surpasses other existing method, such as scaffolding, bosuns' chairs and cradles. Rope access has been used by the following Industries: Offshore Oil Industries, Civil Engineering, Others


Inspection and survey of':- Steel structure, pipe work , concrete, electrical fittings / systems, glazing and painting systems, tank and pipe internals , oil platforms (flare booms, masts, risers and splash zone areas) ships holds, voids and ballast tanks, masts, stacks.

Repair and Maintenance to:- Concrete, paint system, steel works /welding joints, cladding, insulation, electrics, flare tips.

Installation of :-

Electrical and Mechanical equipment, radio masts, navigation lights, video cameras.

Application of :-

Paint systems including sophisticated epoxies and polyurethane, fiberglass, masonry, in tumescent and anti carbon coatings.

Welding and cutting of:-

Steel works / pipe work, multi coded welders

Painting or Cleaning:- Tanks and pipe works ( internal and external), structure (steel and concrete), Ships holds, voids, stacks and masts.


Electrical - installation and maintenance, repair and inspection :-

Gas fire detection systems, cable runs , ladder rackings, tray work trunking, hazard warning lights, earthing systems, module lighting.

Mechanical - installation, maintenance, repair and inspection:-

Splash zone work, riser guards, clamps , concrete repair, rigging, bold torqueing, cladding working, flare tip change outs, vent line replacement, cane cable greasing.


Using visual, N.D.T ( U.T./M.PI / eddy current) - structural steel work survey on column, bracings, towers, derricks vessels, modules, crane bridges, flare stacks, risers lifeboat/davits

Internal entry work with I without breathing apparatus on :-

Legs, columns, vessels, modules, large diameter piping.