nimasco.jpgBIO-SWIFT® ST Compact Sewage Treatment Systems

Technology: The Bio-Swift® ST uses advanced Eco-Bio® Technology for superior performance Eco-Bio® is an all-natural technology with maximum water cleansing, quiet, and odour-free operation

Modular and flexible design with broad range of options Efficiency: Maximum cost efficiency is achieved through compact design minimum space requirements.

Simple installation.

Low maintenance and power consumption Quality: High quality system built to meet pr EN 12566-3 performance requirements Meets with Building Regulations Part H and .EU/EPA/IPPC requirements

Environmental: Preserves and protects the environment & community health, Options for Water conservation and recycling

sewage.jpgBio-SwiftTM Drain Plus

Natural Treatment and Deodorization of Drains,Grease Traps, Sumps and Kitchen Hoods
Does not use external enzymes or bacteria, Does not reconstitute fats once liquefied, System is not liable to water temperature fluctuations Higher efficiency than enzyme dosing systems

Oil Spillage Control, Cleaning & Remediation
Powerful Natural Advanced Products
Does not use chemicals, enzymes or external bacteria, Rapidly
breaks-down hydrocarbon oils & greases, Safe to hands and the
environment, As powerful as chemicals treatments