Teaching Aids

lab-volt.jpgLab-Volt Systems

Lab-Volt Systems, Inc, is recognized as the leading designer and manufacture of world-class training systems that satisfy the high standards required by technology and vocational education educators the world-over. Lab-volt offered technical training systems in the following technical areas:

Technical Training Systems

Electricity and Electronics, Fluid Power, Power Electronics, Fault--Assisted Circuits for Electronics Training (FACET) intermediation and Process control, Digital and Microprocessor Technology, Telecommunications, Radar, Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating, Electric Power and Control, Simulation training software Tech design Technology®, Digital and Microprocessor Technology, Tech-World® Applications in Technology

technical-aids.jpgBuilding Training Systems for the Global Workplace

For over four decades, Lab-Volt has provided state-of-the-art systems for technician training in the basic and most advanced application of electricity and fluid power, microprocessor and controls, process instrumentation, and telecommunications. All Lab Volt technical training products deliver the highest standards and education integrity, featuring:

Affordable and durable products that empower students to progress directly from the classroom to the workshop, Completely modular courseware that enable students to advance while giving instructors flexibility in planning and managing learning activities. Fault-insertion capabilities that enable students to trouble-shoot technical problems, Carefully structured individualized learning systems that enable students to succeed at their own pace, Practical, hands-on experiences that enable students to imitate actual industrial application in all technical equipment, An emphasis on safety that prepares students for the proper testing and operation of all technical equipment. Full customer consultation and support services which include program planning & spatial design.